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TYPO3 Speaks Your Language

TYPO3 supports all languages, characters and encoding out-of-the-box. All frontend, backend and database interactions run Unicode (UTF-8) by default.

  • Bulgarian: Жълтата дюля беше щастлива, че пухът, който цъфна, замръзна като гьон.
  • Czech: P??li? ?lu?ou?k? k?? ?p?l ??belsk? k?dy.
  • Dutch: Pa's w?ze lynx bezag vroom het fikse aquaduct.
  • English: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  • Esperanto: E?o?an?o ?iu?a?de.
  • French: Les na?fs ?githales h?tifs pondant ? No?l o? il g?le sont s?rs d'?tre d??us et de voir leurs dr?les d'?ufs ab?m?s.
  • German: Falsches ?ben von Xylophonmusik qu?lt jeden gr??eren Zwerg. (1)
  • German: Im finsteren Jagdschlo? am offenen Felsquellwasser patzte der affig-flatterhafte kauzig-h?f?liche B?cker ?ber seinem versifften kniffligen C-Xylophon. (2)
  • Greek (monotonic): ????????? ??? ????????? ?????????
  • Greek (polytonic): ????????? ??? ????????? ?????????
  • Hebrew: ?? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???.
  • Hungarian: ?rv?zt?r? t?k?rf?r?g?p.
  • Icelandic: S?v?r gr?t ??an ?v? ?lpan var ?n?t.
  • Irish: "An ?fuil do ?ro? ag buala? ? ?ait?os an ?r? a ?eall lena ??g ?ada ? ?l? do leasa ???" "D'?uascail ?osa ?r?ac na h?i?e Beannai?e p?r ?ava agus ??ai?."
  • Jamaican: Chruu, a kwik di kwik brong fox a jomp huova di liezi daag de, yu no siit?
  • Japanese (Hiragana):
    ????????????? (4)
  • Polish: Pchn?? w t? ??d? je?a lub o?m skrzy? fig.
  • Portuguese: O pr?ximo v?o ? noite sobre o Atl?ntico, p?e freq?entemente o ?nico m?dico. (3)
  • Sami (Northern): Vuol Ruo?a ge?ggiid leat m??ga luosa ja ?uov??a.
  • Slovak: Star? k?? na h?be kn?h ?uje t??ko pov?dnut? ru?e, na st?pe sa ?ate? u?? kv?ka? nov? ?du o ?ivote.
  • Spanish: El ping?ino Wenceslao hizo kil?metros bajo exhaustiva lluvia y fr?o, a?oraba a su querido cachorro.
  • Swedish: Flygande b?ckasiner s?ka strax hwila p? mjuka tuvor.
  • Russian: Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок да выпей чаю.
  • Russian: В чащах юга жил-был цитрус? Да, но фальшивый экземпляр! ёъ.
About These Pages

The pages in this section of the introduction package demonstrate the various content elements available to editors in the TYPO3 backend interface, and their appearance in the front-end.

The layout and behavior of these examples are configurable via TypoScript and, of course, CSS.